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Nederlandse Filmnacht Fotoserie

Geen categorie 24 June 2017

Serie of 5 analog photo’s who were presented at the Dutch movie night in Concordia in Enschede. Credits to Cris for making to movie night more than a movie; there was the pre-premiere of the dutch movie ‘Broers’, a Photo Booth, a short movie couch, a q&a with the movie director and art.

The movie ‘Broers’ is something new and it’s something good. This serie of photos were selected after seeing the trailer. Mainly it’s about being on the road, night vs daylife and finding new destinations.




Geen categorie, Projects, Streetart 15 October 2015

In my hometown, there is creativity: exactly 1 week a year, during’s the towns yearly event.  Local artist are allowed to set up stands with their creative products and are all placed in line.

Because the city has a slogan that goes “city of culture and art”  illustrator Rob and I decided to put action to those words. We wanted a big, positive and visible art piece to brighten this town.

The  words “stop hiding” with an already made illustration of Rob made the perfect combination for a powerful message.

We collaborated with a local paint business. Who were excited to see a new form a creativity entering their town. We got approval to paint a wall in the city center. The wall is 6 by 12 m and took 4 days, 2 people and lot’s of paint to finish.


Events, Geen categorie, Illustration 14 October 2015

I illustrated at the nsmbl festival 2015 at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. The theme was “une fête Parisienne” so the place was decorated with pastel colored items like balloons, a carpet, vintage tables, a little Eiffel tower and even a carousel at the center.

Nsmbl did an incredible job making over 2000 woman feel like they were on an exclusive city trip to Paris. I sat  there from 3 pm till 22 pm to illustrate these fashionista’s! The live made portraits and fashion illustrations were for them. The enthusiasm was overwhelming. The line was getting bigger and bigger but that didn’t stop the ladies to get their portait painted; they were putting chairs in line. To everyone that day: thank you for your patience, you all are beautiful.