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Wake up call

Geen categorie 4 April 2018

My table is an invite to work; brushes in a jar and a paperblock are the first things wishing me goodmorning when walking into the living room. It’s as much for routine as it is for spontaneity. Routine when in the mornings my dreams are still fresh. Spontaneity for the evenings that you stay up late and times you are restless and put yourself behind a blank paper. It’s about the drawing itself more than the outcome. After working with aquarelle, I went to ink and now I am at oil pastels. So here some early drawings from last week:

Gouache Painting and Artist talk with Karin Bos at CODA

Geen categorie 14 March 2018

With art students and young artists I visited the CODA museum in Apeldoorn for a seminar by Karin Bos. First we had an artist talk and tour, later a workshop gouache painting. She curated the current exhibition Expidetion Nature. Her work is mostly oil on canvas and gouache on paper, there was also a life size aquarelle. Expedition Nature shows works of around 20 artists, displaying their relation and association to the theme. With a wide vararity of disciplines there are installations, video’s and sculptures to be seen.

We visited the exposition together with Bos who talked about her work and the exposition. Her inspiration comes from travels where she takes photographs of landscapes and her niece dressing up. These form her archive. Later in the studio the photographs are used in a free way to create a new landscape. Questions where asked (a lot) during the artist talk. From more practical questions such as ‘how big is your pallette?’ to more personal questions such as ‘what does the figurative elements mean to you in your painting? For example: could the children in the red dress be red dots?’. Bos was very open about her work process. She told that the figurative element in her painting, in this painting the children in red dresses, is what makes it vivid and exciting because you dont know whether it means something good or bad is about to happen.

After the artist talk the workshop gouache painting by The Fine Art Collective started. Bos brought photographs from her own acrhive but you could to paint what you wanted. Though you work with water, the result and proces is different than aquarelle. It is more matte, thicker and less transparant. You can more easily color a surface, simply by applying the gouache paint with less water. This is my experience first time working with gouache, wich I had been curious to try out. I would say that gouache is tougher than aquarelle. I painted 3 landscapes and a portrait. Check out the photo’s to get an impression of the workshop and day. To check out Bos works you can, of course, best visit CODA.

Longest WIP

Geen categorie 12 March 2018

F1F78C3F-A609-4A53-B28C-B39A26A67DB3This work has gone through many phases. Or maybe me. It has been moved many times and has been painted over,  over and over again. I wrote a post ‘no more wip’, I was wrong. Yes progress, not enough to call it done. The saying goes it’s never done, only that I do not know. What I do know is that THIS painting is not done. And that the the progress has been 8 months. Wich is the longest period of time that I worked on one canvas. That’s since when I started painting the nude. The canvas I built more than a year ago. When I was still freshman. What I wanted was a canvas bigger than me, so I built one. A big blue canvas of 270 by 135 centimeters. From the first painting is nothing left. A monotone landscape transformed into a nude with horse head. So far the progress has been difficult and taughtful, dissapointing and surprising and always exciting. Talking progress and place, I dont know where it goes. It’s still WIP. A Work In Progress.

Rough landscapes in Rotterdam

Geen categorie 7 March 2018

Together with students from different art academy’s in the Netherlands and Belgium I attended a workshop ‘aquarelle landscapes’ by Simon Schrikker and TFAC in the Kunsthal Rotterdam.


Straight up: it was not the first time working with aquarelle. I worked with aquarelle since I kept arjournals wich is about 7 (!) years. Having a pocket palette and a brush with waterreservoir I was always ready to paint.  Few of the pro’s are that you can mix your colors,  the fast drying,  you can work very light and transparant but also easily apply a big contrast,  the character of water creating effects such as drips and gradients, these ways you can create a rich impression in a single layer.

The coin would be that it might be harder because you have to spare the light areas. Therefore it might help to work from light to dark if you are new to working with aquarelle.

BUT there were still many first times. I had never worked with aquarelle from tubes. Also solvents were unknown to me. Same as the large format we got to paint on, my art journals are mostly size A5, sometimes A4.  The paper of 80 X 100 cm was the cherry on the pie. In this workshop we focused on creating a rough landscape using the characteristics of aquarelle paint.  There were sponges, buckets of water and at one point the tables were not big enough anymore. It was exciting.