Longest WIP

F1F78C3F-A609-4A53-B28C-B39A26A67DB3This work has gone through many phases. Or maybe me. It has been moved many times and has been painted over,  over and over again. I wrote a post ‘no more wip’, I was wrong. Yes progress, not enough to call it done. The saying goes it’s never done, only that I do not know. What I do know is that THIS painting is not done. And that the the progress has been 8 months. Wich is the longest period of time that I worked on one canvas. That’s since when I started painting the nude. The canvas I built more than a year ago. When I was still freshman. What I wanted was a canvas bigger than me, so I built one. A big blue canvas of 270 by 135 centimeters. From the first painting is nothing left. A monotone landscape transformed into a nude with horse head. So far the progress has been difficult and taughtful, dissapointing and surprising and always exciting. Talking progress and place, I dont know where it goes. It’s still WIP. A Work In Progress.

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