Rough landscapes in Rotterdam

Together with students from different art academy’s in the Netherlands and Belgium I attended a workshop ‘aquarelle landscapes’ by Simon Schrikker and TFAC in the Kunsthal Rotterdam.


Straight up: it was not the first time working with aquarelle. I worked with aquarelle since I kept arjournals wich is about 7 (!) years. Having a pocket palette and a brush with waterreservoir I was always ready to paint.  Few of the pro’s are that you can mix your colors,  the fast drying,  you can work very light and transparant but also easily apply a big contrast,  the character of water creating effects such as drips and gradients, these ways you can create a rich impression in a single layer.

The coin would be that it might be harder because you have to spare the light areas. Therefore it might help to work from light to dark if you are new to working with aquarelle.

BUT there were still many first times. I had never worked with aquarelle from tubes. Also solvents were unknown to me. Same as the large format we got to paint on, my art journals are mostly size A5, sometimes A4.  The paper of 80 X 100 cm was the cherry on the pie. In this workshop we focused on creating a rough landscape using the characteristics of aquarelle paint.  There were sponges, buckets of water and at one point the tables were not big enough anymore. It was exciting.