This is just a simple example of making choices. To prepare for the next day of glazing I’d made color sketches of an underpainting. That way I would have nice start getting the palette ready and on concentrating mixing colors right. Right?


So why to pick; time mostly and of course materials etc. Only how to pick? It is uncommon for me to work with such a clear image of the outcome. Usually choices are made in the proces, everything is a to a certain logic or a risk. How this time? You have a preference? Why? Is that important or should you go for something new? Rational? Intuitively? Those kind of questions.

So this is how I made my pick:

These 3 are already a selection. Number 2 had to go first. Because of the blue/pink. Every clinic the end result was with a very domanint color; blue or pink. Never something else. Seems like a good reason to drop image 2 first. So 1 or 3. Of image 1 the lumiosity would be a nice challenge. Image 3 had an interesting monotone vibe going on and for it not to become too classic/romantic would also be challenging. I could go on like this for way too long but I’ll keep it short and: I picked number 3. So the preparation didnt exactly pay off how I imagined it. The result is to paint more than 1 image. So to say I painted more for the proces of learning new techniques rather than for the final image, I decided I’m going to paint image 1 too. Let’s see after that if I decide to paint image 2 too?


original image (underpainting)




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