Old is not boring. Beauty is?

Geen categorie 4 August 2016

To some the infinite and nostalgic beauty of the old arts might be boring, like it was for me when I was a child, but nowadays I find the paintings  intriguing. They tempt me to look closer. It’s their  symbolism that speaks.  Old paintings and icons have become one of many inspiration sources to me.

DOSSO DOSSI-XX-The holy family.JPG

The Holy Family, Dosso Dossi 

Some elements are more clearer exposed, they draw your attention. They form the subject of the painting.

Some elements are less clearer, but give even a deeper meaning to it. Explaining the subject. They force you to take a closer look, maybe do some research even.

The magic grows with the findings I do. The beauty expands and is no longer pleasing. Most of the time the truer meaning  is bohiem, sinister, romantic and comes down to the good and bad, heaven and hell.  The drama of the golden age!

Here you see sketches I made when reading about The Holy Family of Dosso Dossi.





This detail refers to the christ child holing a cockerel. The cockerel represents sunrise here.

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